Q:  How accurate are you in estimating the timescale of a job?

A:  Most of the time a job is finished on time, although I do not make this my priority as quality supercedes time.  Sometimes hidden problems surface that extend the estimated timescale but if this happens I’ll immediately highlight them to you.

Q:  I have lots of different jobs that need doing including tiling, plumbing and some minor electrical work.  Do I need to find other contractors or can you undertake all this type of work?

A:  With over 30 years’ experience I can undertake most work.  The only areas that I am not able to fulfil are works involving Gas, major electrical work such as house rewires, consumer units and any new electrical works in bathrooms together with larger building projects.

Q:  Are you insured, just in case there is a problem with any damages?

A:  I am fully insured against any damages or injuries and I hold public liability, which is a legal requirement for any professional tradesman to hold.

Q:  Can I get an estimate by email or phone?

A:  Whilst I can give you a ‘ball park’ figure by email or phone, without seeing the project this really would be a “guesstimate”.  It is always best to assess each job individually by visiting your property and then I can provide a written quotation.

Q:  I’ve decided to go ahead, but when can you start?

A:  I will work with you to agree a convenient commencement date, obviously depending on the availability of materials.   At the moment there is an average wait time of between 4 and 8 weeks, however, if it’s a smaller job then I can often squeeze this in at the end of a larger project but before starting another.

Q:  Do you work at weekends?

A:  Unfortunately no.  Weekends are dedicated to spending time with my family.

Q:  Do you charge for quotations?

No.  I provide FREE no-obligation quotations and, based on my knowledge and experience, I am confident I would be able to give you a competitive price.

Q:  Can I get feedback on recently completed jobs?

Yes. Please look through this website to get an idea of the work quality and to view genuine customer testimonials. I also have some lovely customers who would be willing for you to view works carried out first hand.